Into the second week of teaching and as it’s still early in the week I still have to face the grade 2’s. These classes actually make me HATE children with a passion. Obviously I don’t blame it on the children but rather the ‘leaders’ who decided that I should stand in front of a class of 50+ grade 2 children and teach in English for 40 minutes. Obviously, they are not going to understand a word and so will find alternative ways to entertain themselves whether it be hitting the kid in front over the head with their shoe or trying to hit me with paper aeroplanes.

So I stand there for 40 minutes, showing pictures and attempting to play games. Once I have got through the demonstration of one game the kids have already lost interest; this is possibly the most frustrating job I’ve ever had. Today, over lunch, their teacher suggested I play shorter games and include more. The games are short. There is nothing long about Chinese Whispers! What’s more, that is just one of the 7 games I’ve normally planned for the lesson. I only get through about 2 because it takes them so long to understand how to play the bloody thing in the first place. When I explained this as calmly as possible to the teacher she came up with the most simple and effective answer to the whole damn problem. I don’t know why I didn’t come up with this genius idea myself.

She cleverly suggested that I (the foreign teacher who speaks only English and has come to teach her native language) should write the instructions on a PowerPoint….in Chinese Characters.

I. Am. Raging.



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Recent graduate seeking: direction, purpose and money, ingenuously taking in different parts of the world along the way.
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