Now that’s a lovely surprise!

The shack has been privy to a deluge of unexpected visitors which has made me immeasurably happy.

First was my brother Mark who (almost) made it to Shenzhen, refusing to cross the border we had a grand old time in my much preferred back yard of Hong Kong.

Next was Alex, one of my closest friends from university. He had been travelling around China for the past two weeks and made the shack his final stop. He looked like China had taken a few pounds off of him – I just became used to feeling hungry most of the time, he said. His concise evaluation of China? It’s just weird. See, it’s not just me! We had a lovely afternoon the next day taking in the delights of Stanley, running away from snakes and enjoying a cheeky afternoon beer.

Next was another best pal from university, my blue sister Melpo. After reuniting in Sydney she came across to Shenzhen for a weekend. We then had a day of chilling in Pacific coffee watching the world go by in the Hong Kong downpour, followed by dinner with Charlie in my favourite Italian restaurant – Posto Pubblico.

Almost simultaneously, Arvin came to visit Shenzhen. We first met in China in 2009 on the Study China Programme and it was great to catch up on each other’s endeavors of the last 4 years over a delicious Muslim Chinese food feast!

The final visitor to lord it up in the kafunda was Doreen and Malky who came across for a day’s jollies with their Hong Kong friends Gia and (fit) Martin. After their traumatic experience at the border we went for the only suitable remedy this side of the divide: Korean barbecue.


I showed them around my school and to the shack, where due to its reasonable size, Doreen admitted she was disappointed that it wasn’t as funny as she had hoped (!)


We then spent the evening in Coco Park, of course, and had a few drinks with my China Besties. We were reunited once more two days later over dim sum and foot massages in Hong Kong before the happy couple retired from their tour of duty on a plane bound for Sydney.



About A

Recent graduate seeking: direction, purpose and money, ingenuously taking in different parts of the world along the way.
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One Response to Now that’s a lovely surprise!

  1. MK says:

    Family = Good times. See you soon!

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